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Meet CJ at ZENKAIKON, April 25-27,Lancaster County Convention Center www.zenkaikon.com

February 2, 2014
Hey everyone, check this out … on March 8th, which is right around the corner, our boy CJ is going to be an instructor at ICON’S WINTER WRITERS’ WORKSHOP! This is going to be, we’re quoting now from their poster … “A unique full-day program of hands-on learning for aspiring writers of all genres of fiction, personally coached by professional authors & veteran educators! Featuring: Laura Anne Gilman, Editor & Nebula Award Nominated author of Vineart War, Dragon Virus, & Cosa Nostradamus … Dr. Joan Digby, Director, LIU Post Honors Program. Co-founder of Prehensile Pencil Publications/The Feral Press … Keith R.A. DeCandido, Author of more than 45 novels, countless short stories, comic books, novellas, & more.”

They also mention our boy CJ, of course. And, while they were at it, they also said that seating was limited, that the standard Membership was $150, the fee for Long Island University students was $125, and that if one had any questions, or it they wanted to register, that they should visit: http://writers.iconsf.org.

Look at that, our boy’s a college professor now. They grow up so fast!

January 6, 2014

Hey, gang–our boy CJ is back on the road! Only one, one-day appearance this month, but it’s a fun one. For anyone who can travel in New Jersey this coming weekend, on Sat. 11th, CJ will be appearing at Kotoricon in southern NJ. For all the details, just click on: anime.gccnj.edu/ Tell ‘em the big fat wonderful world of CJ Henderson sent you!

January 4, 2013

Our boy CJ is really starting things off with a bang. First, “Everything’s Better with Monkeys: the Tales of the A.E.S. Roosevelt” came out, and now, only a few days later, Dark Quest Books is also releasing “A Bright & Shining World: the Science Fiction of C.J. Henderson.” We’re only in the first week of the year and our boy already has two new collections out–e-yow! Word is each book has a brand new story included for this edition alone. I guess Christmas isn’t quite over yet!



December 8, 2013

Book 4 in the Hellfire Lounge series is coming out, but with a change. The series is being repackaged. Books 1 & 2 will be combined as a flip/pair, like the old Ace doubles. And so will old book 3 and new book 4. And, of course, our boy CJ is in all four, or we wouldn’t be mentioning it. Well, we might mention it because once again it’s got a great Ben Fogletto cover, but that would be the only other reason.

December 3, 2013

Well, here’s something different. Super mythos author David Conyers put together this terrific Lovecraftian package that contains a wealth of top mythos writers (including himself, and our boy CJ). Not only do you get a story from each author, but a bio for all of them, and a brand new interview for each author as well. It will only be available for the Kindle, on Amazon, but it’s going for an outrageously low 0.99 cents … cheap for readers to download and get an introduction to lots of authors they may not yet know. Not a bad deal.

November 3, 2013

Hey, hey, gang … our boy CJ may be battling cancer, but he’s still working. Now granted, it was masterful Mike McPhail, his editor at Dark Quest that has been doing the lion’s share of getting this book ready, including assembling the cover below from the various pieces sent by artist Mike Harris, but here it is, almost the finished cover for Everything’s Better with Monkeys–the tales of the Roosevelt. For those that don’t know this series, it’s CJ sci fi military musical comedies (yeah, his sci fi military musical comedies, like there’s twenty guys writing that genre). Once he and Mike had almost enough for a book, our boy wrote a whopper to close out the series that will only appear with this volume. Everything says this one will be ready and done in December, so there you go, another volume for the serious Henderson collector. Just wait until he’s writing full time again–E-Yow!

October 26, 2013

Wow … when does our boy CJ get all this work done? Here comes another steampunk collection, with an acre of good people in it, with another story from our champ included. In fact, rumor is the company might be considering building an entire anthology around CJ’s story. But, with him just back from two more trips to the ER … well … one thing at a time, right?

October 24, 2013

Here’s something new for our boy CJ … copied right from the press release … “Currently on Amazon MP3, iTunes, and coming to Audible: based on the Moonstone illustrated novella “Battle For LA” by CJ Henderson and Mark Sparacio! Starring Josh Pollock, John Strain, and Karen Stilwell as The Phantom Detective, Black Bat, and The Domino Lady! With guest appearances by Secret Agent X and Airboy!” This is an audio dramatization of his Moonstone widevision novel … Battle for LA. To be honest, we just found about this when we were sent a terrific review of the audibook. You can check it out for yourself at: blogs.wvgazette.com/popcult/2013/10/17/the-battle-for-l-a/Now, they have to get around to doing an audio of his ultimate pulp novel “To Battle Beyond.” Now that would be something!

October 17, 2013

Tales of the Talisman is a terrific magazine that always offers the best in sci fi and fantasy shirt stories and poetry. They must want the best, because over the years they’ve premiered a lot of work from our boy CJ. Their latest issue, cover pictured below, is no exception. This one has a mythos tale. And, if we heard right, the next one will have a brand new Piers Knight steampunk story by our favorite author. E-Yow! Now that we’re looking forward to. To check out the magazine in more detail, go over to: www.talesofthetalisman.com/ … tell ‘em we sent you. They welcome everyone interested in great lit.

October 12, 2013

It’s been a little while since we’ve had anything new here … it’s true. A large part of that is the illness that’s been dragging our boy CJ down. For those that don’t know what we’re talking about, the following link will explain all.


 But … the purpose of this post is to let folks know that while, yes, CJ is definitely going through some rough times, he is supposed to survive. He has had to cancel some shows, but those still listed on his convention site he is hoping to make. Check here before heading off to see him. If the show is still listed a day or two before it’s going to happen, our boy should be there. And, just to let you know he’s still working (and better yet, still selling) the cover that follows is the latest Lovecraftian mythos collection from Chaosium, and of course, it has a story by CJ. So, keep your fingers crossed, gang … and CJ will keep working and we’ll be bringing you the updates.

July 4, 2013

Ninja was the longest running, best selling book to ever come out of Eternity Comics. After the book’s eventual cancellation, our boy CJ simply could not let the series die. Stories were sold to martial arts magazines, all-female warrior collections, et cetera. Now, all the stories in this rockum-sockum action series have been collected together! This summer just gets better and better!


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Hey, Star Trek fans … is that Wil Wheaton holding up a copy of our boy CJ’s new book “Brooklyn Knight?” Why, we believe it is! This is something. First, the main man, William Shatner, gives the book a terrific quote for its front cover, and now we’ve got a Next Gen star showing interest. Can Deep Space Nine and Voyager (not to mention Enterprise) be far behind? Well, yeah, they might … but we still thought this was pretty cool and just had to post it!

At long last it’s all the stories of the Pelgimbly Institute for the Advanced Sciences and the chaos it caused, together in one hilarious package.

Visit the store today and order a copy or two!